Welcome to our website!

Well hello, and welcome to the Toothbrush Apartments website.

Whilst we obviously want our website to tell you all you need to know about us, our apartments, availability and prices, actually we're planning to use the Blog section to talk more about Ipswich, and why it's a great place to live, work, and spend your leisure time.

We realised long ago through running Lattice Lodge Guest House that most people who visit Ipswich are doing so from necessity, whether that be a work trip, visiting family or friends, attending a wedding or suchlike. Very few were visiting out of choice. Which is a huge shame. I'm a local Ipswich man, and I'm hugely proud of my home town. Sure, like most places of a similar size, there are some bits which could do with some improvement. Also, many Ipswich people are often rather reticent when it comes to shouting about the good things going on.

We know from our own experience that there's almost never nothing to do in Ipswich. We have 4 theatres, 2 cinemas (soon to be 3), the regional dance centre which hosts many live performances, plus a very strong live music scene in bars and clubs.

In addition we have a very strong, and growing, selection of great independent restaurants and bars, a cracking real ale and craft beer offering, and seemingly never ending festivals and outdoor events.

It would be a full time job just to list these events, so instead we're going to provide links out to other excellent local websites for that purpose, and just post a monthly Blog around the larger or more unusual things happening.

At which point, we'd better finish this blog and go and get on with it!